Matt Kemp & Rihanna Rumored To Be Back Together, Fans Panic


As the story goes, Matt Kemp‘s 2010 was ruined because he was distracted due to his relationship with pop star Rihanna. No, it wasn’t his horribly flawed swing that was to blame, because that would require actual analysis, it was his girlfriend (and if that sounded like a canned scene from “Moneyball“…yeah). So as I’ve come to expect, with the ... Read More »

Around The Web: Logan White Interview, NL West All-Stars, And Ned Colletti’s 2012

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MLB: The Pirates have hired Dodgers assistant trainer Todd Tomczyk to be their head trainer, which still leaves the Dodgers stuck with Stan “He Looks Fine To Me” Conte. MLB: Doug Mientkiewicz will be back with the Dodgers as an instructor. I have no real thoughts on this, because I don’t know anything about his coaching ability, and I don’t ... Read More »

Why Is ESPN Forcing Total QBR Down My Throat?


I understand what ESPN is trying to do with Total QBR, and it’s not that I’m against statistical evaluation (obviously) or that I want to defend Passer Rating, but Total QBR now has its own goddamn section, and it’s being touted as the be-all end-all for quarterback evaluation, when the reality is that it’s simply not even close to it. ... Read More »

Dodgers Target Tsuyoshi Wada: A Closer Look


Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles passes along word that the Dodgers are in Japan scouting Tsuyoshi Wada. For Wada’s part, he had this to say about his free agency: Tsuyoshi reached the service time requirements for free agency on September 16 and is widely expected to make a run at an MLB contract this offseason. Said Wada: “I’m honestly ... Read More »

Around The Web: Lee & Gould Best In MWL + Webster Best In CAL + 2007 Prospects Review


Baseball America: Jim Callis ranked the top 20 prospects in the Midwest League and two Dodgers found homes, Zach Lee (#7) and Garrett Gould (#17). Baseball America: Jim Callis ranked the top 20 prospects in the California League and Allen Webster clocked in at #8. - Minor League Ball: Reviewing the top hitting prospects from 2007. Andy LaRoche (#5), James ... Read More »