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Matt Kemp & Rihanna Rumored To Be Back Together, Fans Panic


As the story goes, Matt Kemp‘s 2010 was ruined because he was distracted due to his relationship with pop star Rihanna. No, it wasn’t his horribly flawed swing that was to blame, because that would require actual analysis, it was his girlfriend (and if that sounded like a canned scene from “Moneyball“…yeah). So as I’ve come to expect, with the ... Read More »

Why Is ESPN Forcing Total QBR Down My Throat?


I understand what ESPN is trying to do with Total QBR, and it’s not that I’m against statistical evaluation (obviously) or that I want to defend Passer Rating, but Total QBR now has its own goddamn section, and it’s being touted as the be-all end-all for quarterback evaluation, when the reality is that it’s simply not even close to it. ... Read More »