$150 DraftStreet Free Fantasy Baseball Challenge

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Perhaps you’ve seen making the rounds before, but now it’s time for readers to get their chance at free money, as 10 participants will walk away with $150 in prizes when all is said and done. You have until Friday, June 1st to act on this offer, so don’t procrastinate like I usually do. What’s the worst that ... Read More »

Introducing Dustin Nosler


Everybody please welcome Dustin Nosler, the newest addition to the site. Dustin is a journalism major at Sacramento State University (graduating like … tomorrow or something) and is the current Editor-In-Chief of the student newspaper, so you know he’s like awesome and stuff. Since July of 2009, he has been writing his own blog at Feelin’ Kinda Blue, and he ... Read More »

Are Dodgers Fans Setting Themselves Up For Disappointment With Their 2012 Expectations?


If you hadn’t noticed already, all of us contributors over at True Blue LA recently gave our predictions for the 2012 season. As you can see, I have the Dodgers at 81-81, finishing 3rd in the division, and missing the playoffs. I explained why in a few paragraphs. Chad Moriyama While a new era in Dodgers history has begun, the ... Read More »



Hey everybody, welcome to my site. Despite appearances, the site is not intended to be self-aggrandizing, but I figured it’s the easiest and most permanent site name for somebody who can’t think up site names to save his life. When things get settled a bit, I’ll be writing about whatever I want over here, so be sure to follow along ... Read More »

An Interview With Brian Akin


The name might not immediately ring a bell, but most of you know him as the Dodgers minor leaguer who runs the entertaining and insightful Dear Tommy John Letters blog. In the interview, Brian dishes about dealing with major injuries, the minor league environment, reading Dodger blogs, and gives lots of other random insights. The interview is rather long, but ... Read More »

An Interview With Trayvon Robinson


I’ll just let you read the interview transcript for now, but I’ll give my thoughts on it afterwards. What I’m saying is in bold, and the interview jumps around a lot, but that’s mainly because I suck. — How does the talent in the Arizona Fall League compare to what you saw at the AA level? It’s about AA because ... Read More »