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An Interview With Brian Akin


The name might not immediately ring a bell, but most of you know him as the Dodgers minor leaguer who runs the entertaining and insightful Dear Tommy John Letters blog. In the interview, Brian dishes about dealing with major injuries, the minor league environment, reading Dodger blogs, and gives lots of other random insights. The interview is rather long, but ... Read More »

An Interview With Trayvon Robinson


I’ll just let you read the interview transcript for now, but I’ll give my thoughts on it afterwards. What I’m saying is in bold, and the interview jumps around a lot, but that’s mainly because I suck. — How does the talent in the Arizona Fall League compare to what you saw at the AA level? It’s about AA because ... Read More »

Chad Billingsley: A Case Of Confirmation Bias


Chad Billingsley’s recent struggles have been well documented, so further addressing the issue is somewhat pointless to me. However, one criticism that hasn’t been looked at nearly enough is the charge that Billingsley is not mentally tough. Personally, i’m a firm believer that the concern over the mental toughness of Billingsley is pure fabrication that stems largely from confirmation bias ... Read More »

The Youth Movement Should Not Be Used As A Crutch


In recent months, the Dodgers front office has made a point of promoting the youth movement to fans. The current transactions (or lack thereof) are supposed to be proof that they are now committed to seeing the youth movement all the way through. Of course, the problem with this strategy is that Frank McCourt is now using the abundance of ... Read More »