ChadMoriyama.com will primarily revolve around news and analysis of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but will commonly drift into covering baseball, in general. Plus, since it’s a personal outlet, we’ll write about other topics that interest us from time to time as well.

The site has been up and running under one name or another since June of 2008, and the current moniker isn’t so much about egotism as it is about a lack of creativity, as we’re sure long time readers who have followed us from URL to URL already know.

Chad Moriyama

Role: Founder/Editor/Writer

I have been writing about the Dodgers and whatever else pops into my mind since June of 2008, but I finally found a site name that I probably won’t eventually tire of, so here I am and here you are. While I’m located on the faraway islands of Hawaii, my father brainwashed me to be a Dodgers fan, so he’s to blame for all this.

My work has been published or referenced by many outlets, including ESPN, Grantland, Baseball Prospectus, FanGraphs, and the Los Angeles Times. It’s sorta awesome because it shows I’m not a total idiot. Maybe.

I started writing about baseball with the goal of combining the worlds of statistics and scouting in order to provide the best analysis possible. I’m best known for being asleep when important news goes down.

Go read me over at Dodgers Digest. Watch my GIFS over at MLB GIFS. You know you want to.

Articles By Chad Moriyama

Just putting these up to stop the “What do you look like?” questions. Kthxbye.



Answer: A dude.

Greg Zakwin

Role: Writer

A founder of a site of my own, called Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle, I migrated over here to join up with ChadMoriyama.com in July of 2010.

Articles By Greg Zakwin

Dustin Nosler

Role: Writer

A founder of a site of my own, called Feelin’ Kinda Blue, I migrated over here to join up with ChadMoriyama.com in April of 2012. I also contribute at Dodgers Digest.

Articles By Dustin Nosler

What People Are Saying

Andrew Perry – Team Pokerlistings

Chad Moriyama runs the type of website that I admire. I love the style and quality of the writing that he, Greg Zakwin, and Dustin Nosler have maintained throughout their articles since their humble beginnings back in 2008.

Aside from being a fellow fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and a writer myself, I too come from a website that prides itself on quality, insightful articles for our readers.

I salute the guys for dedicating themselves to continually putting out quality content day after day, as their work is something that both hardcore and casual fans can enjoy reading.