Yasiel Puig’s reckless driving arrest not the worst thing, but no need to excuse him


Yasiel Puig was arrested yesterday on reckless driving charges for going 110 in a 70 mph zone. It is, of course, his second arrest for reckless driving due to speed.

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig was arrested on Saturday morning in Florida on a charge of reckless driving, according to a report from the Naples Daily News.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Greg Bueno told the Daily News that Puig was arrested at around 9:30 a.m. ET when officers clocked him driving his 2013 Mercedes at 110 mph while going westbound on Alligator Alley, a section of Interstate 75 with a 70-mph speed limit.

The Dodgers had no comment on the incident.

On one hand, yes, I recognize it’s just speeding. And yes, I realize in the context of where he got busted, and that it’s a road ripe for speeding.

I recognize that if Puig was going to get arrested for anything, this is about as ideal a thing to have it be for.

But I also recognize the potential danger to those around him that constantly speeding could pose. Maybe this one incident could be excused in itself due to the context, but this is his second time approaching 100 mph. Frankly, that’s not a safe speed for anybody to be at and you know this isn’t only his second time driving fast.

Look, I defended Puig more than almost anybody last season, because who cares about celebrating triples, pimping homers, and being generally animated? But I also mentioned more than once that the worst thing he actually did was his reckless driving arrest while in AA, because that kind of stuff actually has the potential to end in disaster for him or somebody else.

So yeah, I get that the media will probably blow this out of proportion at some point in the future, so I understand the defensiveness from Dodgers fans, but the reality is that this was a screw-up that does matter and he has to wear it. Does it mean he’s a bad person now? No, but even good people mess up, and admitting this was both an error in judgment and a cause for concern is the only reaction that makes sense to me.

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