Rumor Mill – Winter Meetings: Trading for Price goes against current philosophy + Kemp rumors & third base


The Dodgers are showing interest in David Price, according to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times.

The Dodgers have made the Tampa Bay Rays aware of their interest in David Price, according to a person familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Furthering that interest, the Dodgers and Rays are matching up, according to Bruce Levine of WSCR-AM in Chicago.

But that doesn’t really make sense because the team has emphasized building from within from the start. Ned Colletti has also recently said he doesn’t plan on parting with multiple top guys.

Though Colletti would be open to trading a prospect, he has no intention of parting ways with packaging more than one of them. Under their new owners, one of the Dodgers’ goals has been to rebuild the farm system.

That goes with what Stan Kasten has said as well.

“For me, Bobby and anyone who’s ever had sustained success, we talk about it all the time. We didn’t invent the philosophy,” Kasten said. “We had owners who were A, committed to committing resources in the minor leagues and, B, patient. The difference between then and now with the Dodgers is that, because of our market place, we can talk about doing both jobs at the same time.”

Kasten talks about rebuilding the minor leagues all the time, and a trade for Price would likely take three of Joc Pederson, Zach Lee, Julio Urias, and Corey Seager, who are basically all of their potential impact prospects, so I don’t see a fit at all.


As expected, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are on the minds of four teams.


Orioles, Red Sox, Rangers, Mariners.

But the Red Sox might be out by now, according to Rob Bradford of WEEI.

According to major league sources, there is “nothing to” the reported Red Sox interest in Matt Kemp. Two sources classified the contact regarding Kemp as “barely” touching base.

I think this is actually the case in a lot of these Kemp rumors. Despite whatever Dave Stewart is saying now, they don’t seem real motivated to deal him.


As predicted, third base is receiving a lot of speculation, but Colletti said Hanley Ramirez moving there and Alexander Guerrero starting there are not options.

He also remains third-base challenged, waiting on Juan Uribe to accept an offer, with Uribe being the best available third baseman in what Colletti termed a “shallow pool” of talent at the position. Colletti said at this time he’s not planning on moving shortstop Hanley Ramirez to third base or beginning Cuban rookie Alexander Guerrero’s Major League career there.

Colletti watched Guerrero play in the Dominican Winter League last week and came away saying that he “needs to play, needs at-bats,” which is not the same as saying Guerrero is ready to be in the Opening Day starting lineup.

In fact, Colletti also ruled out Guerrero as a third-base option, saying he still projects at second base.

So that leaves Juan Uribe, but Colletti might be running out of patience, and other teams are offering him.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are running out of patience as they await word from free agent third baseman Juan Uribe on their latest offer, general manager Ned Colletti said Monday, the first day of baseball’s winter meetings.

The latest rumor has the Chicago White Sox emerging as possible suitors for Uribe. The Miami Marlins also have reportedly reached out to him.

Colletti said the Dodgers are considering moving on and concentrating their efforts on trading for a third baseman. Beyond Uribe, Colletti said, the team is not pursuing any other free-agent third basemen, probably the thinnest position in the market.

“Everybody can go do what they want to go do,” Colletti said. “Hopefully, this week we’ll have more conversations with them and at least get an update on their position. I’m in need of an update on their position.”

Probably a bit of lip service to send a message, but if not Uribe, I’m struggling to see a fit beyond a questionable trade. Omar Infante has been rumored as a target, but he hasn’t played third regularly in a few years.


Notice the Masahiro Tanaka updates have been slowing? Well, it might be because the Dodgers are curiously no longer THAT interested.

The Dodgers are interested in Tanaka, but not with the win-at-all-costs mentality that marked their pursuit of Hyun-jin Ryu last winter, according to two people familiar with the team’s thinking.

This could be a front, because it’s a bit weird that they wouldn’t see him as an option given that he costs just money. Every other front-line starter is going to cost talent.

Like … say … Price.

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