Nothing doing at the Winter Meetings, except Ned Colletti declaring his man crush for Matt Kemp


Not much has been going on for the Dodgers at the Winter Meetings so far, and there was basically no news yesterday related to the club … EXCEPT that Ned Colletti totally loves Matt Kemp more than anybody else at the Winter Meetings. Totally.

So much so that they have no intention of trading him.

“They said he’s not moving him, but I put in the words ‘for the time being’ because you never know,” said agent Dave Stewart. “Somebody could come along and overwhelm them with a player or players or a combination of players that might make it worth their while to do something that’s going to help the team.”

Of course, that could always be BS, but I’m thinking it’s not since that convo was never supposed to be made public by Dave Stewart to begin with.

“He’s called me and let me know that he probably spoke out of turn or whatever you want to call it, so that’s fine,” Colletti said.

So barring any kind of significant offer, which seems extremely unlikely given Kemp’s health recently, Kemp isn’t going anywhere.

That still leaves us with David Price and Andre Ethier trade rumors, as well as signing rumors of Masahiro Tanaka and Juan Uribe, but that seems to be about it, and nothing other than Uribe appears imminent.

And that’s probably for the best.

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