Dodgers sign Jamey Wright for 1-year too, because why not?


The Dodgers are about to sign Chris Perez, and most assumed they were done after that, but they up and signed Jamey Wright to a one-year deal as well.

When I analyzed Perez’s deal, I figured the opportunity cost included Wright, but apparently not.


Now though we wonder about the futures of Chris Withrow and friends, as Dustin Nosler already pointed out at his site.

Bullpen locks
J.P. Howell
Kenley Jansen
Chris Perez
Paco Rodriguez
Brian Wilson
Jamey Wright

Bullpen hopefuls
Jose Dominguez
Brandon League
Seth Rosin
Chris Withrow

Bullpen longshots
Stephen Fife
Onelki Garcia
Yimi Garcia
Matt Magill

Chad Billingsley
Scott Elbert

Cliffs: It’s crowded.

Maybe this means they cut bait on Brandon League, but that’s awful hopeful. Seems a lot more likely that with Jose Dominguez, Onelki Garcia, and Yimi Garcia already pushed back a peg, now this pushes back Withrow as well. Of course, that creates problems of its own considering Withrow became an important part of the pen down the stretch last year and performed admirably as a rookie (2.60 ERA/2.59 SIERA).

A trade remains an option, but anything regarding that is just speculation based on numbers since nothing has been said as yet. So while this makes sense from a depth perspective, it makes the Dodgers worse in the short-term if it means League and friends push out Withrow from the pen.

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