Yasiel Puig wastes time entertaining kids instead of taking batting practice #SMH #Lazy #Spoiled


Arrogant, undisciplined Dodger star-but-only-cause-of-the-media Yasiel Puig FINALLY showed up at Dodger Stadium the other day. It’s about time he started to get his work in to fix his team-destroying ways, but NO, all he did was waste time playing around with kids.

“I played Little League when I was 9, went through the system, and now I’m grateful that I’m able to do this for these kids,” said Puig. “Maybe they’ll be able to support me when I get old.”

Three weeks ago, Puig made an unannounced and entirely unexpected visit to those fields, joined the Little Leaguers in their workout, and one of the kids mentioned to the Dodgers outfielder that he’d never been to Dodger Stadium.

Puig took care of that Monday. If you were driving in the area and saw the stadium lights on, that would be Puig in another play date with the NELA.

He pitched 40 minutes of batting practice to 50 players, aged 9-12. He took them on a tour of the Dodgers’ stylish clubhouse, from the underground batting cages to the locker room, where the kids scrambled to test out the seats in front of the big leaguers’ lockers.

He rounded them up and returned to the batting cage, where he had each of the Little Leaguers bat off a tee under his instruction. It was the kind of personalized clinic that just doesn’t happen these days, reminiscent of the stories of Duke Snider playing stick ball with neighborhood kids on the streets of Brooklyn in an era long since passed.

“I told one of them that I would bring them to Dodger Stadium to practice on the field,” said Puig. “I’m happy to be able to spend this time with them and see how much they enjoy being here. This is what makes me feel good.”

Teaching kids? Maybe he should teach himself to hit a cut-off man, amirite guys?

As if to add insult to injury, these are the baseball careers of the SAME kids that he tried to ruin before, except he’s now PERSONALLY instructing them on how to play baseball wrong.

The kid hitting has horrible plate coverage and is cutting off his swing under Puig’s instruction.

Surprise, surprise, a kid is MAKING A BASERUNNING ERROR by heading home on a grounder back to the pitcher. You’re supposed to WAIT until it gets past the mound before making a break. Anybody would know that except a team instructed by Puig.

What a mess!

I strongly encourage Dodger fans to leave more messages on Puig’s Instagram and Twitter telling him how stupid he is and that he needs to spend every hour of his life in the cage or working out. This will make a difference in 2014.

#StayStrong #NeverForget #TradePuig

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