Alexander Guerrero hasn’t played in a week due to a thigh injury


Alexander Guerrero hit a homer in the last game he played this winter, but the problem is that he hasn’t played since exiting that game with an injury. Many people inquired as to the extent of it, and it’s been recently revealed that it was a thigh issue (hamstring, I’m guessing).

According to an audio interview with, Guerrero updated his status and when he will return:

I feel better. It’s been about four days since I had a small pull in my left thigh. I’ve gone through many hours of treatment with the trainers and they say I’m better, but the Dodgers’ management don’t want to rush me.

Guerrero went on to say that he’ll continue to play for the Gigantes but not until he’s 100%. He said that he’s been ready to play the past couple days but that he must abide to his agreement with the Dodgers. The Cuban infielder also cited the fact that the Dodgers will enter Spring Training earlier this season, due to starting the season in Australia, as a reason that the Dodgers want him fully recovered before he participates in any games.

So it’s certainly an injury that’s bothering him, but the Dodgers smartly just don’t want to take any risks with their newly signed player. So for those that were concerned it might be something serious, it doesn’t seem like you need to worry.

The primary downside of this is that every at-bat he can get between now and Spring Training will be beneficial, and minor stuff like this only impedes his progress.

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