2013 NLDS Game 3: Dodgers 13, Braves 6 – Offense explodes, Crawford’s catch, Dodger fan stars in GIF


The Dodgers won by a score of 13-6 over the Braves in Game 3 of the 2013 NLDS, though the team went away from their usual pitching and defense formula. Instead, the offense exploded for 13 runs, led by Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig, who each had three hits. Hanley was a homer away from a cycle.

Starter Hyun Jin Ryu only lasted three innings, though he did bat flip on a sacrifice fly.

He didn’t look sharp, and there were injury concerns going into the game, though everybody insists that Ryu has no issues.

Vin Scully scoffs at injury reports from Dodgers’ staff though:


Of course, besides getting knocked around and struggling with his command, it was his defense that was shockingly bad today:

Fortunately, the offense came to play. Adrian Gonzalez set the tone by catching a foul ball off the bat of Mark Ellis all casual and then going back to chatting with Mark McGwire. Something about grit and intangibles.

Defensively, Carl Crawford made an amazing catch…

…but the real star was the fan.

Then the tomahawk chop with blue towels got going.

Maybe mocking it is classless … if the chop itself wasn’t inherently classless, thus making this awesome.


Also, and arguably most importantly, here’s umpire John Hirschbeck‘s exchange with Adrian Gonzalez via Craig Sager in the third inning of the TBS broadcast:

You can’t give him that pitch, it wasn’t a strike. Listen to me.” – Adrian Gonzalez

I’m not listening, you just swing the bat, cause they all might be strikes.” – John Hirschbeck

Don Mattingly had to come out between innings to talk to him about it.

It’s … uh … not exactly confidence inspiring.

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