2013 NLDS Game 1: Dodgers 6, Braves 1 – Kershaw, A-Gon, Wilson, Kemp GIFS


The Dodgers beat the Braves in Game 1 of the 2013 NLDS, which is awesome, so look at these moving things and be entertained.


Evan Gattis did this thing on an A.J. Ellis fliner to left, which helped the Dodgers strike early.

There were also plenty of mental errors involving Yasiel Puig … but they were from the other team.

Adrian Gonzalez went yard to put the team up four and generally out of reach for the opposition…

…because Clayton Kershaw was on the mound and doing things.

Throughout the game, fans and announcers alike were talking about Kershaw struggling, and I actually agree with them.

His line? 7 IP, 1 R, 12 K.


In the world of entertainment, there was Brian Wilson doing … this.

And Matt Kemp realizing he has hands.

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