Yasiel Puig is now apparently bored at the plate

On Saturday against Andrew Cashner, Yasiel Puig did this on a 3-0 count in the first inning:


I remember tweeting about it and being mildly amused.

Apparently though, Puig has just gotten so bored recently that he decided to employ a lazy leg kick as an actual tactic, as he showed on his game-winning homer yesterday.


I guess he just lost interest in normal hitting, so he decided to try this new timing device … and he ended up hitting a game-winning homer.

1) Does he have ADD? Seriously. Because at this rate he’s going to be batting lefty.

2) I wish I had his talent. Dude threw in a different timing device for fun and then hit a homer to win a game. Wat.

3) He is awesome at baseball.

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