Site Update: Moved to new server + Disqus is here


I think I did this like a week ago, but I figured I should make an announcement anyway just to let everybody know.

So basically, I’ve moved off shared hosting. Therefore, stuff like the site crashing for two days because lots of people wanted to read my articles won’t happen … hypothetically.

Also, unless you haven’t visited the site in like a week now, I’ve done away with the default commenting and installed Disqus, which I know a lot of people use already. More people wanted to comment but were too lazy to register on the site, so I figured this would be beneficial. Hopefully the trolling and spamming will be kept to a minimum, as that was a concern.

Plus, instead of having to go through all the trouble of actually e-mailing me, you can now use the form in the ‘Contact’ page at the top of the site. Yay?

Anyway, all the changes don’t affect anything we do here, though it should be a positive on your reading/viewing experience.

As always, thanks for reading.

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