My petty post for the year


Disclaimer: If you don’t care or don’t want to read about stupid, childish men getting catty over the Internetz — you know, like a normal human being wouldn’t care — then click out of this article. Seriously. It’s really dumb.


So yesterday, I wrote a Michael Young post basically saying that the Dodgers shouldn’t expect much, I didn’t see the point in his signing, and that it’s fine to hope he can catch lightning in a bottle, but it’s stupid to assume it.

It’s not exactly an opinion that is rare among the blogosphere, and I feel I supported it well with evidence and what not. Standard stuff, really. Apparently though, a couple people didn’t take to it kindly, namely Howard Cole and whoever runs Lasorda’s Lair in public.

Both not only disagreed with me and the others, but also seem to have taken the liberty to finally let their true feelings out and make it personal in print.

Either that, or Young is a SUPER IMPORTANT PERSON to them.

Don’t listen to this, don’t buy into this (and note the near-compulsive use of word “I” in the writer’s posts), and with the exception of the comment about defense, really really really don’t listen to this and this, from a Sports Illustrated writer who is smart enough to know better.

The linked articles in the paragraph are to a pair of national writers and to me and Mike Petriello. Mike doesn’t need me to defend him, so I won’t bother.

Anyway, it gets personal because of stuff like this:

Pay special attention to the cynics who actually think they know better (and always think they know better) than the professionals in the front offices of major league baseball clubs, most of whom have worked their entire adult lives to rise to those positions.

Which he justifies with stuff like this:

Do listen to Ned Colletti when he talks about character and experience. Listen to Colletti when he sums up his thoughts about Young like this: “I think he’s a professional player who has a chance to help us…We have a long way to go and when you can add people this time of year who bring what he brings, we’ve gone for it and will continue to go for it.”

Listen to Don Mattingly’s complementary comment here: “He makes us stronger. He gives us more options. Gives us a chance to spell Adrian [Gonzalez], if we want to spell Juan [Uribe]“

In itself, it’s not that bad. Howard has his strong opinions, which is totally okay. But he also decided to disparage me and others personally simply because we disagree with him, which is over the line and full of logical fallacies, but not worth a call out, right?

Sure, I agree, but stuff like this seems a lot worse in my own personal context, because I know it’s been preceded by shit like this:

And then I see comments like this:


Plus, following this tweet, he made a crude dick joke aimed towards me that I ignored but it got him called out by even his own followers. Even got a DM from somebody asking if he was drunk or not. So there’s that.

But seriously, those are just the ones I remember vividly because it was all so incredibly ridiculous. And yet, Howard and that other person (LL) had lots of other stuff to say over the months that I don’t even want to bother trying to relive.

So with that established, I mean, you’ll have to excuse me if I do take this a bit more personal than it appears on the surface. Because, well, it clearly is. So what the hell, why not address it, right? I don’t think it’s out of line to defend myself.


1) Yeah, I use “I” in my articles, because it’s a personal blog and it’s my opinion. If you don’t like how I write or whatever I do, then don’t read it and don’t care.

Also, I do it because I claim my opinions. You know, unlike writing something about someone, making snarky comments about how he REALLY needs to see it, and then hiding it from him and just HOPING that he sees it. That’s a much more effective way of concern trolling than actually having the nuts to let me/us know.


Thanks for the life lesson, wise one.

2) That picture is a great segue into my next point, which is: Really? Calling me out on being self-important?

I have my opinion and I go strong with it, but never have I done shit like write about myself in the third person … all the damn time. Hell, I don’t even take myself that seriously online. I don’t take it seriously because I like to have fun with it, and I certainly don’t go about my business because I think I’m some kind of fucking baseball guru who knows everything.

But hey, yeah, we’re all self-important, arrogant jerks. You’re not, you just constantly say to listen to you and only you. So glad you’re above all this.

3) Also, just to get this straight, you’re the only one allowed to come strong with your opinions? How is it that once other people strongly express their opinions, they are the arrogant, all-knowing, cynical, asshole mob who doubt everything the Dodgers do?


This coming from the guy who, just off the top of my head in the past few months: 1) told me to watch the games when I argued for Kenley Jansen over Brandon League 2) argued against the Ricky Nolasco trade because of the MINOR LEAGUE STATISTICAL PROFILE of the prospects sent to the Marlins?

Now you’re appealing to authority because of stock quotes from Don Mattingly and Ned Colletti, saying they know what they’re doing? Really? From this guy?

That’s just what I found while randomly scrolling down your Twitter feed, and you know damn well there’s tons more where that came from.

In May, you were absolutely insistent that Mattingly be canned. In fact, that whole mess of a Twitter meltdown by LL was because Mike and I said that firing him wouldn’t solve shit. Yet both of you were so against Mattingly as manager that I thought you were both about to fucking lynch him yourselves.

But now, NOW, you feel comfortable using the logic that because Mattingly and Colletti say something, we should pack our shit and go home because they know everything?

What in the FUCK, dude?

Besides, are you seriously talking about throwing the Young trade back in our faces if he does good for the Dodgers?


Why? Because we fucking disagreed on a bench player in an August waiver trade? No, it has to be more than that. Because when did I ever throw the League or Nolasco outcomes back in your face? Or anything else for that matter? I rarely bring up past predictions unless prompted. Why? Because THIS IS BASEBALL and WE’RE RIGHT AND WRONG ABOUT SHIT CONSTANTLY and I don’t feel the need to act like a 10-year-old by being an asshole to a fellow Dodger blogger. That’s how most of us act in the blogosphere, because we’re all in this guessing game together.

But nope, because we have a disagreement over the value of MICHAEL FUCKING YOUNG, you guys choose to take personal shots.

What. A. Joke.

4) Constructive criticism? I get that all the time. People call me out all the time and I’m wrong all the time. It happens with moves, prospects, and … uh … everything, really. As they say, that’s baseball.

I have no problem with constructive criticism that makes sense. Hell, as an example, this whole Young thing started because Jon Weisman pointed out the Jerry Hairston Jr./Young comparison. The difference is that he writes sensible stuff on his blog, makes his point rationally and is civil to me, and doesn’t resort to calling me out on fucking grammar mistakes and asinine bullshit all the time.

I know Oxford Dictionaries added ‘selfie’ and ‘twerk’ to the vocab recently, so this is a crazy time and all, but did I miss when the meanings of “constructive criticism” and “being a repetitive agitator” were reversed?

5) Honestly? I don’t care anymore. Take your revenge for this post however you want it.

Sorry, just not gonna take it from a guy (guys) who refers to himself in the third person constantly, has the gall to tweet vague ethnic jokes to me, and mocks people behind their backs in comment threads because they don’t go to the stadium enough or whatever the fuck you guys meant by that comment towards Dustin Nosler (well, we all know how you feel about that stuff regarding Mike, right?).


Just admit it, this isn’t about Michael Young, no matter how much you want to use that as a front. This is about your not-so-secret resentment that always comes out whenever you’re in a bad mood or decide to tweet wasted or whatever.

When did I EVER make personal attacks on you? Even after you’ve done all this condescending shit to me? I can be a dick about baseball opinions? Okay, I own that, I’ve ALWAYS owned that. But the both of you are snide assholes to me and others PERSONALLY, and I’ve done nothing but disagree with you about baseball and getting fed up with your bi-polar switches between insane egotism and trying to generate sympathy.

The mature thing for me to have done in this scenario would have been to let it go, but unfortunately, I guess I’m not that quality of a person. I do know this, though: I’ve been more tolerant and more accepting with the two of you, personally, than you’ve ever been to me.

That has ended.

The point? There is no point, I just had to say it.

I’m done.

Anyway, moving back to baseball.

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