D-backs media, players, executives preach about class but should check the mirror instead


So in case you hadn’t heard yet, the Dodgers clinched the division yesterday and had a bit of a celebration. It was a celebration that included jumping into the pool at Chase Field, and thus D-Backs players were mad about it. D-Backs front office was mad about it. D-Backs media were mad about it. Because when AREN’T the D-Backs mad at somebody?

I couldn’t personally care any less, and it’s not a Dodgers thing as much as it is a general thing*.

*A-Rod winning World Series MVP if the Dodgers can’t win would be hilariously awesome to me. Jose Fernandez posing after a homer is hilarious. Justin Upton’s pose and strut are great. Wil Myers’ peg-leg pimp-walk is awesome. I don’t care. Sports are entertainment. Be entertained.

But I understand if you don’t feel the same way. There are logical cases to be made against it depending on what you feel sports represents. I get that. What I don’t get, however, is people throwing stones from glass houses.


For the Arizona media’s part, here’s a nameless (gutless) editorial by azcentral.com that claims the Dodgers are a classless bunch.

In the interests of good sportsmanship, here’s to the 2013 National League West Division champs.

Congratulations are in order. Even to a bunch as classless as the Los Angeles Dodgers, the first players not wearing Diamondbacks uniforms to celebrate a championship by diving into the Chase Field pool.

Alrighty. Sounds hilariously bitter and lacking any real sense but whatever, I can resist writing about that if you wanna be mad.

By all means, go ahead and sit there in your madness and be mad. Whatever.

But then here’s azcentral.com writer Bob Young showing us the class of the azcentral.com site by accusing Yasiel Puig of cartel ties out of the blue:



There’s no real context to this besides him complaining earlier that the Dodgers were going to a pool, an attack that was led by noted “gritty” veterans Nick Punto, Skip Schumaker, and Michael Young, so why specifically bring Puig up except out of bitter, petty spite?

Is that classy while your bosses are bashing the Dodgers for not being classy?

And even if you pass off the first tweet off as a shitty joke, the “apology” brings it up again, so you know he’s not actually sorry, he just doesn’t want to be featured on Deadspin or something. It’s … amazing, really. To have the gall to speak about class while letting your writer act like that just sums up why nobody should care about their complaints.

But hey, could Puig have cartel connections? Absolutely. Of course, there’s no actual evidence* to base that assertion on besides Puig’s silence on how he got out of Cuba, but it could be true. Then again, Puig having a time machine that he uses to go back in time and commit all the unsolved murders in history could absolutely be true as well. It’s something I just made it up five seconds ago, but it’s on the Internet, so WHY CAN’T HE BE HISTORY’S MOST PROLIFIC KILLER, right?

*No, azcentral.com, Jeff Passan wondering outloud doesn’t count as investigative journalism.

Then Young claims it’s not about racial bias (though it IS Arizona), which is totally understandable. Just like I’m not racist against Japanese people, but I DUNNO MAN THOSE SNEAKY NIPS AND THEIR SLANTY EYES SEEM FUCKING DANGEROUS TO ME! I’m just saying! Best friend is Japanese and I dated one before. It’s cool!



Then there’s the players’ complaining (despite the best efforts of Brandon McCarthy), with luminaries such as Willie Bloomquist and Adam Eaton whining this time.

In the home clubhouse, the D-backs didn’t appreciate the act. Add that to the bad feelings between the two clubs, which date to June 11 in a Dodger Stadium incident and continued Thursday, when warnings were issued to both benches after Dodgers starter Ricky Nolasco hit two batters.

Some Arizona officials and players called the Thursday celebration disrespectful.

“It’s surprising because they have a lot of veteran guys on that team that I thought were classier than that,” D-backs infielder Willie Bloomquist said. “I just think they have enough guys on that team that it’s surprising that they would allow that to happen.

“You have to give credit where credit is due. They won the division; congratulations to them, but I would expect them to act with a little more class than they did. I doubt the New York Yankees would do something like that.”


Yes, I think you’re right, Adam.

What goes around does come around, nice self-awareness.

You were, in fact, referring to when the D-Backs did this to the Giants after they won in 2011, right? Which is the same thing, because if celebrating in a pool is disrespect then it’s disrespect always. Unless they’re complaining about it being on their home turf and you can only show up a team by having a pool party when you’re the home team.

That would be convenient.

Also convenient are the short memories they seem to have of their team hitting Puig in the face, Zack Greinke getting his head thrown at, and Miguel Montero concern trolling Puig.

To the D-Backs, being classy is prioritizing your emo feelings when you lose at sports over throwing at a player’s head during a game.



Then there’s the D-Backs front office, including former Dodger employee Derrick Hall, who … well … took a shot at Dodger Stadium.

D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall said in an email: “I could call it disrespectful and classless, but they don’t have a beautiful pool at their old ballpark and probably wanted to see what one was like.”

Yeah, basically.

But I didn’t take offense at this, I just found it incredibly petty and pathetic, hardly classy. It was like he was trying to be clever by saying the D-Backs had a modern park because it looks like an airplane hangar, has stupid dimensions, and has a pool in it or something.

What I do find hypocritical are complaints about class when the D-Backs threatened to kick a family of Dodger fans out of seats behind home at Chase Field if they did not change their clothes to D-Backs gear.



Are the Dodgers classy? Who cares? They aren’t the ones whining. And it’s not just about winning either, as I know I didn’t see them complaining about the class of the rest of the NL West when they were in last place in May. Because if I did, I would have called them out on it.

Look, it’s a rivalry and it’s been a bitter one all year. That’s fine, let the two sides talk and celebrate and whatever else. But don’t get your feelings hurt because you lost and then try to enforce high-horse morality after the fact when you’ve been an active participant and catalyst in this mess of shenanigans the whole year.

Pretty sure that’s how petty, jealous, assholes act. Not so classy.

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