Yasiel Puig’s 8-minute (!!!) interview with Manny Mota

Today MLB.com posted up an eight-minute interview with Yasiel Puig that was conducted by Manny Mota, which is significant because he sat down for an eight-minute interview without saying he wanted to kill the media.


1) He’s proudest that he helped the Dodgers make history and that the team is in first place.

2) Hardest part of MLB is the discipline required. Oh really? And he’s learning to concentrate for every plate appearance.

3) Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Ichiro Suzuki were guys he looked up to as a kid, which makes me feel incredibly old.

4) He admitted he was desperate to get a hit, so I presume this interview was done before yesterday.

5) Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez, Juan Uribe are guys that have helped him a lot.

6) He talks to fellow Cuban players Alexei Ramirez and Aroldis Chapman regularly for advice and what not.

7) He didn’t say he would kill all the media if he could. Progress.

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