Dodgers curiously give up Miguel Sulbaran to complete Drew Butera trade


The Dodgers have traded LHP Miguel Sulbaran to the Twins as the PTBNL in the Drew Butera deal, a move that has raised a few eyebrows.

Sulbaran is pitching with the Loons in A-ball and has posted a 3.01 ERA and 2.76 FIP in 92.2 innings. His 85/27 K/BB showcase that both his strikeout and walk rates are above league average, which is impressive for a 19-year-old.

His stuff is not as impressive as his numbers, though. Sulbaran sits 90-92 with his fastball and doesn’t have much projection left. Both his curve and slider are present average and project as above-average future. He also has a change, but it’s fringy and he doesn’t repeat it well.

I’m not necessarily a fan of his, as I think he lacks the stuff and upside of a future starter, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have value. As a lefty in the 90 mph range with his curve/slider combo, there’s a future in relief there. So while there’s nothing to be upset about, it struck me as a bit weird that the Dodgers gave up a solid prospect arm for a replacement level catcher after the reluctance to move any level of prospect at the trading deadline.

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