The Ump Show: Mark Ellis got ejected for nothing & Alan Porter bumped Don Mattingly


In all the GIF madness yesterday with the Yasiel Puig show on full display and the antics of Hanley Ramirez/Juan Uribe/Hyun Jin Ryu in full effect, one thing that was overlooked was Mark Ellis and Don Mattingly getting the whole brunt of an ump show.

Ellis was the first to go, and it was over what basically amounts to nothing.

Ellis took the 3-2 cutter from Travis Wood and started walking to first base when Porter made the strike-three motion. Ellis stopped and reacted with astonishment at the call. He said something and was immediately ejected.

“I said ‘bad call’ and I got thrown out of the game,” Ellis said. “I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what. Everybody has a different level of tolerance.

“It was silly and embarrassing to get thrown out, especially when there was no reason.”


Actually, “you are so bad” is literally what got him tossed. I’m pretty sure home plate umpires hear worse than that every half inning. It really is a ridiculous ejection.

Worse yet, the circumstances behind that ejection got Mattingly involved, which was to be expected since he’s protecting his players. However, there was discussion of Mattingly bumping Porter, which then turned into suspension worry among fans.

In the ensuing argument, Mattingly and Porter appeared to bump while Mattingly was continuing the argument and looking at crew chief Jerry Layne. It was Mattingly’s second ejection this week.

“I didn’t feel I was going forward,” Mattingly said. “I saw the video and I wasn’t going forward. I feel OK about that.”


Don was correct, as Mattingly didn’t bump Porter. In fact, Porter threw his shoulder at Mattingly and then did the umpire version of flopping, as he immediately claimed Mattingly was the one who crossed the line.


Wish the umpires would use PEDs.

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