Yasiel Puig being sued for $12 million by same lawyer who’s suing Aroldis Chapman for $18 million


Yasiel Puig is being sued for $12 million in Miami, FL federal court because he allegedly falsely accused Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot to the Political Cuban Police, according to Univision via a translation from Roberto Baly.

My dad saw this news last night and called me this morning about an exclusive story that Univision is reporting. A man in Cuba is suing Yasiel Puig for accusing him falsely to the Political Cuban Police. Puig is facing a $12 million lawsuit out of a Miami federal court.

Lawyer Avelino Gonzalez explains to Univision that they are suing Puig because Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot, his client, was accused in Cuba of human trafficking from Puig and because of that, he was sentenced to jail for 7 years.

Daudinot is a Dominican Republic resident.

This lawyer did a similar lawsuit last year against Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds. That case is still ongoing.

Univision asked Puig and the Dodgers for a interview and they said “no comment”.

My Cuban born father thinks Daudinot is most likely upset at Puig because of promises he might have gave him when he left.

This isn’t the first time that Avelino Gonzalez, the lawyer, has tried this with a Cuban ballplayer, as Aroldis Chapman currently has a similar case out against him.

Two Spanish-language newspapers in Miami — Cafe Fuerte and El Nuevo Herald — are reporting that Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman is being sued for $18 million.

The lawsuit alleges that Chapman was an informant for Cuban state authorities after a failed defection attempt and helped turn in another man in order to get back on the country’s national baseball team. The suit was filed by the family of a Cuban-American named Danilo Curbello Garcia and alleges that Chapman is responsible for Garcia’s arrest.

Reds spokesman Rob Butcher said that Chapman was aware of the lawsuit, but that the left-hander had no comment.

I have no idea how viable this suit is, but it’s quite confusing to me already.

As I asked on Roberto’s site, how does the lawyer sue Puig and Chapman if the accusers were convicted and neither player is actually being accused of any abuse? I realize the state of the Cuban government and what not, but were these people exonerated later or something? Otherwise it seems like the two players were just telling the truth at the time. Also, I don’t get how this works with the laws across borders and the context and all that, but I guess it’s under the Alien Tort Statute, which on the surface seems incredibly messy.

Courts have found torture; cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment; genocide; war crimes; crimes against humanity; summary execution; prolonged arbitrary detention; and forced disappearance to be actionable under the ATS.

I don’t see how this works since neither Puig nor Chapman is accused of actually doing any of this. That’s relevant since all of the case studies I see are against people who were actually accused of doing the crimes themselves.

Either way, doesn’t seem like anything more than a distraction, especially since it’s not a criminal charge. Most people, including me before this was mentioned, didn’t even know that Chapman was being sued, and it hasn’t affected him on the field.

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