Miguel Montero, an adult human professional athlete, concern trolls Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers


Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero — allegedly an adult — has took the time out of his superstar life to criticize Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers.

So that’s Montero concern trolling the Dodgers and Puig.

I generally don’t write about this type of stuff because pseudo-macho stuff happens in male athletics all the time, but the hypocrisy and high-horse moralism here is just pathetic.

1) Montero went out of his way during Spring Training to talk trash about ex-teammate Trevor Bauer.

2) Montero was unable to come to grips with the fact that after Ian Kennedy hit Puig in the face, that he was going to be plunked in the back by Zack Greinke. And it led to Alan Trammell getting truck sticked by Don Mattingly.

3) Montero’s own teammate, Kennedy, went headhunting against the Dodgers twice, including at least once on purpose against the opposing pitcher.

4) Years ago, another teammate, Gerardo Parra, felt the need to show up Hong Chih Kuo, who had zero command during a game against the Diamondbacks due to like five arm surgeries and anxiety disorder (he didn’t even hit anybody). They later moralized over Clayton Kershaw “retaliating” by hitting Parra with a curve.

5) Montero wagged his finger like Dikembe Mutombo at Puig after a completely legal play at the plate.

Thus, for Montero to be talking about doing things the right way and all that garbage, is just amusing. And that’s besides the fact that baseball’s standards for conduct are asinine to begin with.

Does Puig need to mature? Surely it couldn’t hurt if he stopped pissing people off. However, most of the personality issues that his teammates should concern themselves with are related to what he does on the field (baserunning errors, missing cutoff men), not whether the feelings of opponents get hurt. That’s especially true when said opponents do just as much celebrating and taunting and posturing*.

*Let’s not forget that Puig bat-flipping against Sergio Romo was because Romo mocked Hanley Ramirez the game before. And him showing animosity towards Kennedy was because Kennedy … uh … hit him in the face earlier and then went after the head of a teammate.

Ironically, as Montero criticizes Puig for developing a poor reputation, Montero doesn’t seem to have any problem with his own developing reputation as a smug asshole who can’t go a month without pontificating about the actions of others around the league.

Who knew the word “grit” to the Diamondbacks was just code for “being a hypocritical dick”?

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