Dodgers signing of Alexander Guerrero in question after better offer, according to report


About a week ago, Cuban shortstop Alexander Guerrero was said to be headed to the Dodgers on a seven-year, $32 million deal. Guerrero had not cleared with the OFAC to be able to sign, but it was seen as a question of formality more than anything else.

Now though, a report by Polo Ascencio of TWC Dodgers calls into question the agreement between Guerrero and the team.

So he says that prior to the leak, it was indeed a mere formality, but now that teams know what the price is, the Dodgers might be outbid. Bleh.

And that’s why ‘agreeing to terms’ and ‘handshake agreements’ are not final, I suppose. That said, I wouldn’t give up on the prospect of Guerrero being a Dodger, especially since money is the primary issue.

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