Dodgers to sign Cuban SS Alexander Guerrero for 7 years/$32 million, according to reports


The Dodgers are set to sign 26-year-old Cuban shortstop Alexander Guerrero for $32 million, according to a report by Neftalí Ruiz of CDN. Guerrero defected from Cuba at the beginning of 2013.


Update 1: Dionisio Soldevila of ESPN Deportes is also reporting the deal as done, and he adds that it’s for seven years.

Update 2: Soldevila reports that the team plans to start him in AA or AAA with hopes of him playing 2B in MLB after a couple weeks.

Update 3: Jesse Sanchez of talked to Guerrero’s agent, who says:

Sanchez also adds:

From my perspective, and judging by the wording from Guerrero’s agent, it seems like he’s simply not cleared yet. I suppose there’s always a chance that the confirmed signing could be completely false, but it seems most likely that they just aren’t allowed to announce it publicly until his clearance is finalized.

Update 4: Via Roberto Baly, Soldevila says to “give it some time”. The implication being that it has been agreed upon but he has to be cleared first.


Guerrero is around 5’10″, weighs in at 190-200 pounds, and had been one of the better players in the Cuban National Series.

Guerrero has been one of Cuba’s best players the last few years, hitting .338/.408/.641 in 2009, .343/.414/.583 in 2010 and .310/.400/.599 in 2011. Between the three seasons, he delivered 60 homers in 886 at-bats. One imagines that if the reports are true and he eventually becomes a free agent, he could take over as a starting shortstop or second baseman for an MLB team in short order.

However, he sat out the entire 2012 season, and I’m not sure what kind of baseball shape he’s currently in. Most seem to think he has the talent to be an MLB starter, but it may take a while to work himself into shape, so a 2013 impact seems unlikely.

Here’s video of him (via Sigfried Reinoso):

Another video (via Reinoso):

Guerrero primarily played shortstop in Cuba, but he also profiles at second base. It’s possible that the team could move Hanley Ramirez to third next year, but if Guerrero is ready, this may be their solution at second base after Mark Ellis leaves.


Thanks to Adrian for bringing this to my attention.

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