Dodgers finalize trade for Carlos Marmol, staff does think they can fix him


While I was sleeping yesterday (of course), the Dodgers did indeed finalize a trade with the Cubs for right-handed reliever Carlos Marmol, cash, and international bonus pool money for Matt Guerrier.

I didn’t write it up immediately because I figured my article on why he might be of interest to the Dodgers was sufficient. Plus, the breakdown of the details was a bit confusing initially, but luckily Eric Stephen of True Blue LA did a great job explaining everything, as usual.

The No. 92 international bonus slot is worth $209,700, which gives the Dodgers more money to spend on bonuses for international amateurs. Tuesday is the first day of the international signing period, which runs through June 15. The Dodgers’ new international cap is $2,322,600.

With 90 days left in the season, Marmol ($9.8 million) is due approximately $4,819,672 the remainder of the season, while Guerrier ($3.75 million) is due approximately $1.844,262.

In other words, the Dodgers paid roughly $500,000 for an extra $209,700 of international cap space. Subtract the roughly $240,000 of a minimum-salaried player (Chris Withrow?) whose roster spot Marmol will take and the Dodgers paid about $260,000 for $209,700, a better deal than paying the 75% overage tax.

The fact that the Dodgers basically lose nothing of value and got international bonus pool space makes this a win already.

Marmol is still the wild card here, and if he could become a useful bullpen arm, that would be a bonus. For the team’s part, Ned Colletti said the staff thinks they can make adjustments with him.

“We know he had a rough go of it this season, but he’s not on the downside [age],” Colletti. “Perhaps he needs a change of scenery and an adjustment with his delivery. He’s certainly worth taking a chance.”

The Dodgers were hoping Marmol would agree to a brief Minor League assignment to work on his mechanics, but there was no indication Tuesday that he would. He has 72 hours to report and he was said to be in the Dominican Republic at the time of the trade.

The Dodgers believe they might solve an arm-slot flaw in Marmol the way they tweaked the delivery of Brandon League after his acquisition a year ago.

“We have good pitching coaches that can really dissect a delivery and we feel there are a couple points in his delivery that, with adjustments, could bring him back,” said Colletti.

So yeah, it looks like they think they can fix him, and they are indeed looking at his arm slot. Not sure if they’re seeing exactly what I did, but the plan seems to be in place at least.

As a bonus, since that article was written, Keith Law of ESPN reported that Marmol will indeed report to the minors.


This trade is already a total win as far as I’m concerned. The only way the Dodgers can end up hurting from this is if it’s self-inflicted. Unless they do fix him and sign him to a three-year deal like they did with Brandon League, or he doesn’t get fixed and they leave him in to blow close games, Colletti has done excellent here.

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