Yasiel Puig was called up for one reason and one reason only

Behold! My skills!

Behold! My skills!

To reenact the scene where Mo Vaughn tackles George Bell to protect Aaron Sele.

Seriously though, apparently something like this is likely to happen, but should it?

While I understand the emotions as much as anybody, the Dodgers will unfairly never get actual retribution for Carlos Quentin being an idiot, and getting Stephen Fife ejected in the first inning is only going to destroy an already weakened pen. Hardly seems worth it for a team that has enough problems as it is.


Speaking of Yasiel Puig, I was going to write a serious piece about him, but I feel that Jon Weisman basically covered all the bases on this.

It never ceases to amaze me how many baseball fans act as if they’ve never seen a player slump, much less struggle to recover from surgery. They expect straight lines. I don’t know why, because in baseball, they don’t exist. The only straight lines in baseball go from home plate toward the right-field and left-field corners.

Even Mike Trout got the derisive whispers this past April. Imagine.

There’s no mistaking how difficult it has been to watch Kemp play this year. I don’t know exactly what his future holds, but I don’t see any reason to believe that what we’ve seen this season is the best we’ll see from him for the rest of his days. I don’t understand how baseball fans can have such short memories, when it’s a game built on lasting ones.

Kemp made a name – and a nickname – for himself out of the gate in 2006, hitting seven home runs in his first 15 games. A month later, he was back in the minors. I’m excited about Yasiel Puig’s arrival – curiosity, hope and the potential of witnessing the birth of greatness are a good combination to have when tuning into a game, especially when your team is in last place. But I pray I’m not alone in anticipating how uneven the road might be, not only over the coming days, but also weeks, months and years. It doesn’t pay to be too hopeful or too cynical.

Life is jagged lines, and baseball is life.

Basically, this. The whole thing is on point.

If it seems like I’m trying to throw water on this fire, it’s because I am. And it’s not because I’m not as excited as you.

Heck, the fact that I even have to say that seems comical in retrospect. I ranked Yasiel Puig as my top prospect heading into 2013. I think he has an All-Star ceiling and a solid chance to get there. Years ago, I drew criticism for being too prospect obsessed. Yet now, because I want to defend him against the hype that has led to borderline delusional expectations of him, I’m the illogical one? Please.

The comparisons to Mike Trout and how he can come up and destroy the league have already started, and those expectations are far more likely to destroy him than any giddy but rational behavior fans could implement. Essentially, I’m hyped and concerned at the same time. While I’m arguably even more exited than most of you about him, I’d rather not encourage the masses and then have people turn on him immediately if he swings and misses a bunch or makes a flurry of silly mental errors, both of which he can be prone to do.

Whatever happens, my GIF machine is ready and I’m at attention to be entertained. I just hope people are able to keep their minds in check for once in the middle of it, though I’m afraid that’ll be asking too much, as usual.

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