The brawl at Chavez Ravine was stupid for multiple reasons, but hey, at least it was GIFtastic


So the Dodgers and Diamondbacks sort of had it out with each other on Tuesday.

It all started when Ian Kennedy hit Yasiel Puig in the face with a fastball.


Amazingly, he was okay and stayed in the game.

The following inning, Zack Greinke plunked Miguel Montero in the back, apparently in retaliation.


This is where it gets sort of dumb.

If I was Greinke, I don’t waste my time hitting Montero. Why? I don’t believe Kennedy hit Puig in the face intentionally, and I don’t really believe in retaliation of this nature, specifically because it can snowball like today did. It only increases the chances for serious injury and lengthy suspensions, and it’s not what the team needs.

With that said, I absolutely knew it was coming, mainly because that’s how things are done by baseball’s unwritten rules. That’s why the umpire didn’t warn either team until after Greinke retaliated. And so after Greinke hit Montero, logical or not, it should have been done.

Kirk Gibson, King Of Grit, should have known the procedure, and I figured that he’d understand that better than anybody.

Of course, it didn’t turn out that way. The Diamondbacks followed it up by going the extra mile and hitting Greinke … AND doing it towards his head to boot.


This is the part that pisses me off.

Everything else up until this point you can easily defend as either unintentional or part of the game, as cliche as that always is. However, to drag this out by hitting Greinke was just silly. And then, on top of that, you go after his head? If he doesn’t shrug his shoulder and duck, that’s in his earhole.

Who in the flying fuck goes at somebody’s head when they’re throwing at them intentionally? Just ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.


Then again, for our entertainment, it was a definite positive, because shenanigans ensued.


Ronald Belisario showing off his Mike Tyson uppercut.


J.P. Howell reenacting the Royal Rumble.


Mark McGwire going insane and screaming, “THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT!”



Don Mattingly tackling Alan Trammell.


Yasiel Puig losing it in the scrum.


After all of that, when play resumed, Zack Greinke went into second with an aggressive but clean slide.


Oh yeah, and Tim Federowicz won the game with a bases loaded double.



Game, blouses.

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