Yasiel Puig has accounted for over 40% of the team’s offense … that’s not good


It goes without saying that Yasiel Puig has been amazing for the Dodgers so far, but besides being both amazing at baseball and providing us with entertainment, the team itself hasn’t actually managed to get much better as a result (4-4).

That’s remarkable because his wOBA is .614 and he’s making amazing defensive contributions, which means that if he did this over a full season, he would be worth about 20 WAR.

Yet, in spite of Puig’s herculean effort, the Dodgers continue to remain mediocre. And the reason for the team’s continued lack of success is simple: besides Puig, they still can’t hit. They’ve scored 26 runs in the eight games since he’s been called up, and they’ve totaled 28 wRC as a team. And that includes a three-game stretch against the then league-worst Padres pitching staff away from Petco Park. Out of those numbers, Puig himself has totaled 12 wRC in his short time in the majors. Yeah, that’s 43% of the Dodgers offensive production since his recall. And given that his hypothetical replacements are around replacement level themselves, that means without Puig in the lineup, they’d be averaging about two runs per game or even less.

Perhaps the worst thing about this stretch of Puigmas is that it’s been almost completely wasted by the ineptitude that has surrounded him. As much as he’s trying to disprove the notion that there can’t be a one-man offense in baseball, the reality that he has yet to be driven in by anybody but himself — despite the fact that he’s been on base over 50% of the time from the lead-off spot — is both staggering and pathetic.

So can somebody in the lineup please help him out just a little? Puig’s back must be getting mighty tired from all this heavy lifting, and with the way this season’s been going, that’ll mean the 60-day DL.

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