Dodgers set to pay a penalty on draft signings, but won’t lose 2014 pick


The Dodgers are set to pay a financial penalty for going over their draft bonus pool limit, but won’t have to pay the severe penalty of losing a 2014 draft pick.

There was legit reason to worry, as our own Dustin Nosler pointed out, because the team was in questionable territory with the bonuses of J.D. Underwood, Kyle Farmer, and Nick Keener to go.


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Chris Anderson (1), Tom Windle (2), Cody Bellinger (4), Jacob Rhame (6), Henry Yates (9), Adam Law (12), Thomas Taylor (26) Sign | Brandon Dixon (3), J.D. Underwood (5), Brandon Trinkwon (7), Kyle Farmer (8), Spencer Navin (11), Michael Johnson (14), James McDonald (18), Blake Hennessey (19), James Baune (21), Jake Fisher (22), Kyle Hooper (25), Dillon Moyer (38) Sign


Of course, it was Dustin who got their bonus information out of J.P. Hoornstra.

That information is important because it puts the Dodgers into safe territory.

The team’s 2013 bonus pool allotment was $5,211,700, but the key number here was 5% over that, which is $5,444,800. Why? Because anything over that latter total would have caused them to lose their 2014 first-rounder. The team ended up going over by $233,100, which squeezes them into the safe territory of under $260,585 over their bonus pool limit. At 4.47% over, there’s only a 75% tax on the amount over the limit as a penalty.


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