2013 picks Dixon, Underwood, Trinkwon, Farmer, Navin, Johnson, McDonald, Hennessey, Baune, Fisher, Hooper, Moyer sign


The Dodgers have signed 12 more of their 2013 draftees. That group includes 3B third-rounder Brandon Dixon, RHP fifth-rounder J.D. Underwood, SS/2B seventh-rounder Brandon Trinkwon, C eighth-rounder Kyle Farmer, C 11th-rounder Spencer Navin, LHP 14th-rounder Michael Johnson, 2B 18th-rounder James McDonald, SS 19th-rounder Blake Hennessey, RHP 21st-rounder James Baune, LHP 22nd-rounder Jake Fisher, RHP 25th-rounder Kyle Hooper, and SS 38th-rounder Dillon Moyer.

The team is also now running a serious risk of going over the bonus pool cap and losing a first-rounder next year.


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Dixon signed for slot money at $566,500, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.

It was mentioned previously that fourth-round 1B Cody Bellinger would get third-round slot money, but he actually got more ($700,000), according to Jim Callis of Baseball America. That is the biggest splurge over slot in the draft so far, and that sets the Dodgers up for bonus pool spending problems.

Underwood signed for higher than slot money as well, according to Matt Porter of The Palm Beach Post. His slot assignment was $306,200.

Trinkwon signed for slot money at $171,900, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.

Farmer tweeted out the signing himself, though no bonus money has been revealed yet.

Navin’s signing was announced by Tommy Birch of the Des Moines Register. The shocking part, though, was that he was given $300,000, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America. Why shocking? Because picks after the 10th round have a universal limit of $100,000, and anything else counts against the cap.

The Dodgers officially announced the signings of Johnson, McDonald, and Hennessey, according to Eric Stephen of True Blue LA. Baune’s signing is via Baseball America. Fisher tweeted out his signing himself. Hooper’s signing was also via Baseball America, and he’s been assigned to the Ogden Raptors. Moyer’s mom tweeted out both his signing and assignment (Ogden Raptors). None of these signings have had terms announced, though presumably they’ll all be below $100,000, so it doesn’t affect bonus pool money.

Speaking of which, and I think I’ll look at it soon, but the Dodgers are perilously close to losing their first-round pick for next year.

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