Hyun Jin Ryu cares not for your concept of hustle … and he has a point


Hyun Jin Ryu made his Dodgers and MLB debut yesterday, and in the bottom of the six inning he came to bat and did … well … that.

Some people on Twitter didn’t take too kindly to him dogging it, and the fans at the field booed him for it, but most importantly, the dugout didn’t seem to appreciate it, including Don Mattingly.

One message that Ryu figures to receive in the next 24 hours or so will come from manager Don Mattingly, who wasn’t all that thrilled with his effort level after grounding out to third base in the sixth inning. Ryu barely advanced out of the batter’s box before he was thrown out by Pablo Sandoval. Mattingly said he planned to discuss the matter with his new pitcher, the first player jumping directly from the Korean Baseball Organization to the majors.

“He’s slow down to first base, but he can’t be that slow,” Mattingly said.

Personally though, I didn’t and still don’t see the big deal.

Ryu apologized to Dodgers fans for his effort on that play, saying he was “embarrassed,” after hearing some boos from the crowd. Pitchers in Korea don’t bat and Ryu said he was just trying to conserve some energy after realizing the ball was mishit.

To me, that’s a completely logical explanation for what he did.

People reacted like he failed to score on a single from third or got thrown out at first from the outfield or something, but he just jogged on a play that results in an out for a runner like him 99% of the time.

His job isn’t to bust out of the box for infield singles, and the last thing the team needs is for him to pull a Chad Billingsley and tear a hammy trying to beat out a routine grounder for god knows what reason.

Regardless, now he’ll be brainwashed into “correcting” this mistake, and from now on we’ll be robbed of entertainment from his lack of care for running and what I think is actually sound logic as to why he doesn’t bother.

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