My 2013 IBWAA Hall Of Fame Election Vote


I voted in the IBWAA Hall Of Fame election for 2013, in which Mike Piazza was the only player elected this time around.

In its 2013 Hall of Fame election the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) selected Mike Piazza, with 79.10% of the vote. While no other player managed the required 75% threshold, Craig Biggio was closest with 64.18%.

Roger Clemens finished in third place, with 52.24%. Jeff Bagwell and Barry Bonds tied for fourth at 50.75%. Complete results below.

The IBWAA selected Bert Blyleven in 2010 and Roberto Alomar in 2011. No player tallied 75% in 2012. Though he was elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) in 2012, Barry Larkin remains on the IBWAA ballot.

Beginning with this election, the IBWAA added voting for “special consideration” candidates, those normally associated with the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Veterans and Era Committees. This year’s candidates were Buzzie Bavasi, Gil Hodges, Tom Kelly, Marvin Miller, Danny Murtaugh and Vada Pinson.

My ballot can be found in the lead picture, where a yellow highlight means a vote for the individual and a ‘YES’ next to a name means I would have voted for them if I had room.

These are the overall percentages for the players who got votes:



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