Rumor Mill: Interest In Anibal Sanchez + Chris Capuano For Joel Hanrahan

So what’s next for the 2012-2013 off-season champion Dodgers?

Danny Knobler says Anibal Sanchez has been discussed, but Buster Olney says the Dodgers aren’t going to be signing any more pitchers.

As far as Sanchez goes, I’m inclined to believe Olney, because while I believe the team’s budget is comically high, I do believe they have one and that it would simply be overkill to get Sanchez.


On the Chris Capuano/Aaron Harang/Ted Lilly trade front, Buster Olney says the Pirates have talked to the Dodgers about Capuano.

Despite the fact that the trio aren’t all that valuable to the Dodgers anymore, both Capuano and Harang have value to teams with stricter payrolls, because at the price free-agent starters are going for, a couple 2-3 WAR guys with 6 or 7 million dollar price tags are going to be a worthwhile investment.

I’ve had trouble gauging potential return though, because we’ve never really seen Ned Colletti trade for minor-leaguers in recent years. Either way, hopefully Logan White and De Jon Watson are in charge of that aspect of these trades.

Then again, Buster Olney says the Dodgers are interested in Joel Hanrahan, so that could be an option as well. If that’s the extent of the deal, I see no reason why the Pirates would hesitate, honestly. Clear win for them.

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