Yasiel Puig will miss the AFL due to a staph infection, Pedro Baez moves to the mound

So the Arizona Fall League started yesterday, and if you don’t already know what’s going on with that, you can check out the Dodgers players who are there in this article I wrote two months ago.

One glaring difference between that list and what you’ll actually see or hear about is the absence of Yasiel Puig, as he’ll be missing the entirety of the AFL due to a staph infection in his elbow.

Top Dodgers outfield prospect Yasiel Puig will miss the Arizona Fall League because of a staph infection in his right elbow that required a surgical procedure.

Puig is expected to be fully healed in three to five weeks and will rehab at the club’s Camelback Ranch-Glendale facility.

Puig, signed this summer for a $42 million bonus, developed an infection similar to one that sidelined former Dodgers infielder Casey Blake for a month in 2011. Like Blake, Puig underwent a surgical cleaning of the infected area and his throwing elbow will remain immobilized for another week.

It’s not a gigantic deal, but I think basically everybody was looking forward to seeing how he would fare in the AFL in order to get a better read on him.


Remember Pedro Baez? Yeah, the third base prospect whose career stalled due to his inability to develop as a hitter. Well he’s finally been moved to the mound for instructional league, which is basically what most of us have wanted for a while now. Mike Petriello has called for it in the past, I have for a while too, and I think Dustin Nosler has previously as well. It just made sense given the path his career was on as a field player.

The possessor of a plus-plus arm at the hot corner, Baez’s position switch gives birth to new hope for him as a prospect. Yes, his age still matters, but now it’s less about that and his performance and more about whether or not he can adjust to the mound and learn a breaking ball. Looking forward to seeing those velocity readings.

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