Injury Roll Call: Kemp Needs Surgery, Kershaw Avoids It, Capuano & Treanor Suffer Injuries

Matt Kemp will undergo arthroscopic surgery tomorrow on his injured left shoulder to fix his frayed labrum. The rehab period could be weeks or months, depending on the extent of the damage.

I said it when it was revealed to be a serious injury, but the fact that the Dodgers didn’t shut him down was ludicrous. He – along with Clayton Kershaw, who we’ll get to in a minute – is the franchise, and risking his long-term health for a long-shot at the playoffs when he’s just entering his prime and is signed for near a decade is shortsighted and insane.

Here’s to relatively good news when the doctors get in his shoulder, as well as a speedy recovery, for The Bison.


The aforementioned Kershaw will not need surgery on his injured hip.

That, of course, doesn’t excuse the club for letting him pitch last night, or at all, quite frankly, since he suffered the injury. Normally it’s fine to trust the doctors with the proprietary information, but it’s not as if the Dodgers staff has deserved our trust after this season.


Chris Capuano injured his shoulder in a freak accident.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t seem serious at all, but yeah, he hit himself … with a batting donut.


Matt Treanor reportedly strained a muscle in his side.

Hopefully he recovers fine, but it probably won’t matter much as far as the team is concerned since I don’t think he’ll be back.

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