Want Don Mattingly gone? Well you probably aren’t going to get your wish…

Don Mattingly will “likely” be retained by the Dodgers no matter how they finish the season, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

How about Sciosica to the Dodgers, Don Mattingly to the Yankees? Fun to think about, but extremely unlikely. The Dodgers are negotiating a contract extension with GM Ned Colletti and likely will do the same with Mattingly no matter how their season ends.

Unlike what seems to be the feelings of basically every Dodger fan at the moment, I still don’t want Mattingly fired. I think he’s a perfectly good manager if you consider the replacement level and what not*. I would, however, be willing to part with him if it meant Ned Colletti goes.

Unfortunately though, it looks like the reason Mattingly will be staying is because Colletti will be.

*As in, yeah he makes dumb moves, but besides like Manny Acta, Joe Maddon, and Joe Girardi (maybe), who makes a ton of sabermetrically inclined decisions in the league?

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