The Dodgers Schedule Gets Ugly Starting Right Now

The Dodgers start arguably their toughest stretch of the season today against the Cardinals at Chavez Ravine. After being dealt a relatively easy early season schedule, things now get ugly down the stretch.

From September 13th to September 27th, the Dodgers play the Cardinals (.524) for four, then play the Nationals (.622), Reds (.604), and Padres for three each.

Well, at least they get the Padres at the end of the stretch, right?

Wrong. Since July, they have the best record in the NL West at 40-25.


That’s not to say they haven’t had tough stretches before though. From June 11th to June 27th, the Dodgers played the Angels (.538), White Sox (.535), Athletics (.577), Angels (.538), and Giants (.566) for three games each. Then from August 13th to August 22nd, the team was matched up against the Pirates (.507) for four and the Braves (.563) and Giants (.566) for three each. However, none of those games were played with as much on the line and with the team playing as poorly as they are now.

Anything can happen, of course, and the only thing that’s for certain right now is that if the Dodgers manage to make the playoffs, they’ll have earned it.

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