New Layout – Everything Basically The Same, But Now Mobile/Tablet/Whatever Friendly

So if you hadn’t already noticed, there have been some changes around these here parts, but … uh … not much, really. Besides the look of the new layout, the primary reason I switched wasn’t because of aesthetics, but because the new layout is responsive, meaning the layout responds to whatever you’re using to browse the site.

Since most of the complaints about the site were regarding the fact that it was a pain to view on mobile/tablet … well … now you guys can shut it.

Yay, me!


1) Site is now mobile/tablet/whatever friendly. By far the most requested thing.

2) Most views and most commented widgets on the sidebar for those who want to bandwagon jump.

3) You can now subscribe to whole comment threads instead of just when you’re responded to. Another request fulfilled. A man of the people.


In reality though, you’re all victims, because now it’s easier for me to spew my verbal diarrhea at you.

If the new layout doesn’t work for you on mobile/tablet, let me know, because I’m going to be madder than when Don Mattingly bunts with nobody out and a runner at second. Those of you who follow me on Twitter understand.


Seriously though, go find us on all the social media stuff too. If you don’t, you hate America.

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That’s all folks.

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