Don Mattingly Suspended Two Games, Matt Kemp Escapes Punishment

Eric Stephen of True Blue LA reports that the MLB has suspended Don Mattingly two games for “excessive arguing”, but Matt Kemp escaped unharmed.

Don Mattingly got what he expected on Saturday, as the Dodgers manager was suspended for two games for his argument with umpires and subsequent ejection on Thursday in Pittsburgh. But more importantly Matt Kemp, who was also ejected Thursday, will not miss any games.

The official reason for the suspension is “excessive arguing.” He was also fined an undisclosed amount.

Mattingly on Friday spoke with Joe Torre, MLB czar of discipline, and said he expected a one or two game suspension for in part, failing to keep Kemp in line. But Kemp, who reportedly got the heave ho after saying, “Let’s go Dre” during Andre Ethier’s at-bat (after prior chirping about the strike zone of home plate umpire Angel Campos), avoided suspension, possibly because his eight innings off was effectively time served.

Despite Mattingly’s earlier optimism, I thought Kemp would get at least a game. Fortunately though, Joe Torre seems to have gone a bit lenient on the Dodgers for once.

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