Don Mattingly Anticipating Suspension For Himself But Hoping To Spare Matt Kemp

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly spoke with former Dodgers manager Joe Torre by phone today and came away from it expecting to be suspended for his role in Thursday’s dustup. However, he’s hoping that Matt Kemp will escape with just a fine, despite his prominent role in the mess.

After a Friday phone call with Major League official Joe Torre, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said he expects to be suspended one or two games but was hopeful outfielder Matt Kemp would only be fined after their Thursday ejections.

Kemp had been warned by Campos to stop complaining about a strike call from his at-bat the previous inning. When Kemp then cheered on teammate Andre Ethier, Campos ejected him. Mattingly rushed the umpire and also was ejected. Kemp had to be restrained by teammates and other umpires but said Friday he did not make contact, which would result in an automatic suspension.

“I still think [disciplinary action] is going to happen, just not tonight,” Mattingly said. “I would say a game or two, it looks like. With Matt, I don’t [expect a suspension], really, but I guess you never know.

“Joe told me I’m responsible for keeping Matt away from the umpire once he’s out of the dugout, to make sure he’s under control. I accept that.”

As I said yesterday, Kemp definitely made contact with an umpire on two occasions, so I’m not sure how Mattingly can say otherwise. As such, I’m not sure I agree with Mattingly’s optimistic speculation that Kemp will get off with a fine.

Hell, if it’s solely up to Torre, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Kemp’s banned for life.

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