Trade Rumors: Dodgers On Ryan Dempster, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins

The Dodgers being in on Ryan Dempster has been beaten to death already, but competition is apparently heating up.

The Dodgers and Tigers are among the most serious suitors for Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster, Morosi reports. Ten teams have reportedly shown interest in Dempster.

That deal that was on the table? Price has probably gone up a bit if the interest from other teams is serious, and maybe it has gone into unrealistic territory at this point.

Either that or this is just bullshit to get the Dodgers and Tigers to give up more.


So … the Dodgers have interest in Shane Victorino.

One executive predicts Shane Victorino will be the first big-name player traded. The Dodgers have some interest in Victorino, and the Rangers, Tigers, Pirates, Marlins and Giants have all scouted him recently.

Why though? He plays center and Matt Kemp is already back. If they move Victorino to left, then he loses a lot of his value. That is especially true in 2012 since he is hitting .251/.316/.389/.705. Granted, his BABIP stands at .265, so some of that is luck-related, but his pop is way down. Even if he regresses to his norms, he projects at .267/.334/.434/.769 the rest of the way.

Not the impact bat the Dodgers need in left. Plus, he’s a douche.


A more interesting option on the Phillies? Jimmy Rollins.

A baseball executive recently suggested that Jimmy Rollins’ contract would be a deterrent if the Phillies were to move him, but they may have one suitor. Danny Knobler of CBS Sports writes that the Dodgers are looking to upgrade at shortstop, and have some interest in Rollins.

The biggest red flag with Rollins is, of course, the aforementioned three-year contract he signed this offseason. The Phillies guaranteed Rollins $33MM through his age-35 season, and the contract also contains a vesting option for a fourth year at another $11MM. That option is said to be easily attainable for Rollins, and is contingent on plate appearances. As Knobler points out on Twitter, Rollins also has 10-and-5 rights, which give him the ability to veto any potential trade.

To be honest, I don’t even get why he would be available. What would the Phillies do at shortstop? That’s not a team built to rebuild and they aren’t going to find a superior replacement.

Regardless, if he does become available, the Dodgers are right to be interested. In 2012 he’s hitting .262/.317/.421/.739 with a .322 wOBA, which is unimpressive until you consider how terrible MLB shortstops are (average SS wOBA is .297). Factor in defense and baserunning and he’s on pace for a 3-4 WAR season, well worth the $11 million.

What about after that though, right? Well, he’ll probably regress a bit, especially as injury becomes a concern. I’m not saying there aren’t red flags, but the better question is what other options would be available? I looked at the 2013 and 2014 free agents, but couldn’t find a single one that I’d rather have, even considering the price tag.

Best of all, I can’t think of a reason the Phillies would move him if not in a salary dump for whatever reason, so the cost in prospects shouldn’t be significant.


Here’s an unpopular thought: Maybe the Dodgers shouldn’t buy at the trading deadline.

It’s quite the flawed team, so even if they do manage to get into the playoffs, barring a miracle run (it’s the playoffs after all), they would likely run into trouble early.

I suggest this change in 2012 philosophy primarily because if the Dodgers continue to falter, and they are like 3-5 games back of the division at the end of the month, it’s not worth it for them to be giving up any of their future to improve this season.

The way the NL West is going, the second place team isn’t going to be in wild card contention anyway, so if the team does in fact stand pat or make only minor moves, maybe it has less to do with a lack of will to win and more to do with just making sense.

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