How Can One Play Lead To Eight Fails? The Dodgers Know!

In case you missed it last night, this is how the Dodgers lost, and it’s … failtacular. That’s the only way I can describe it.

There’s so much to observe in that one GIF/play that it was hard to absorb at the time. Dodgers fans were left asking themselves “What the fuck just happened?” even hours after the game was over.


So what were the fails?

1) Kenley Jansen failed by not calling time after stepping off the mound to kick dirt off his shoes.

2) Kenley Jansen failed by completely turning his back on Everth Cabrera and ignoring him while cleaning his shoes.

At least he owned up to his mistakes after the game.

3) Kenley Jansen failed by making a poor throw home.

4) Greg Gibson failed by being out of position to make the call at home.

5) Greg Gibson failed for punching out the runner at home when the ball was thrown to the backstop.

The confusing call affected the run of play.

6) A.J. Ellis failed by forgetting to catch the ball first and apply the tag second.

7) A.J. Ellis failed by not going after the ball immediately, instead seemingly pausing to admire the view of the backstop for a split second before reacting.

8) Kenley Jansen failed by not covering home plate, allowing Will Venable to score the winning run.


If any of those things are different, the play probably never happens the way it does, which makes it quite remarkable, all things considered.

The part that gets me most though is that it was a pretty stupid play by Everth Cabrera. I mean the winning run is on second with two outs and he basically gambled that the first three things or so on the fail list would happen. Because as the umpire told all of us loud and clear, a decent throw gets him and ends the game.

Anyway, you can argue with a few of those fails if you want, whatever, but it was just a terrible combination of execution by just about everybody involved in the play except for Will Venable, who did amazing work to score.

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