Matt Kemp potentially out till All-Star break, Mark Ellis making miraculous recovery

In bad news, Matt Kemp won’t be back by the end of June, and they’re not even sure if he can make it back by the All-Star break now.

Kemp has played one game since May 14 because of a left hamstring he strained twice. Mattingly said the club wants Kemp to play in five or six Minor League rehab games this time, because the two games he played in his last Minor League rehab didn’t provide enough of a test to prevent him from blowing out worse on May 30.

Mattingly said Kemp had another good workout Monday and “there’s a chance he’ll be going out to play some games,” but Mattingly wouldn’t give a time frame. He said he “hoped” it was before the All-Star break.

In good news, Mark Ellis is somehow on track to beat Kemp back to the field after getting his leg destroyed in May.

That would seem to be a miracle comeback for Ellis, who underwent emergency surgery May 19 to relieve pressure from swelling in his lower left leg after a take-out slide by St. Louis baserunner Tyler Greene.

“He’s got a chance of going out [on a Minor League rehab assignment],” manager Don Mattingly said Monday. “He’ll run the bases tomorrow. We feel like he is close. [Kemp and Ellis] are neck and neck. [Ellis] may be a touch ahead.”

Considering I was personally thinking that it would be sweet if he could just make it back by September, mid-July is quite the win.

It’s advantageous timing for the team because Elian Herrera has basically completely replaced Ellis’ production while he was gone, but now Ellis could make it back before regression completely destroys Herrera’s BABIP luck. Better yet, the team might be temped to keep Herrera and Ivan De Jesus, finally ridding the Dodgers of Adam Kennedy forever.

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