Dodgers sign 8 more 2012 draftees, now up to 26 + bonus pool update

The Dodgers have now signed 26 of the 41 players they selected in the 2012 MLB Draft. In addition to their names, information on the amount it took to sign them has been released as well.

Details On The Previous 18 Signed Draft Picks Here

Third rounder Onelkis Garcia, who demanded seven million dollars at one point, settled for below slot money at $382,200 ($420,300), which is a shocker to me. Fourth rounder Justin Chigbogu signed for slightly below slot as well at $250,000 ($305,700). Eighth rounder Scott Griggs settled for slot money at $135,100. Last time around, we didn’t know what seventh rounder Theo Alexander signed for, but now we know he took slot money at $144,600.

For those counting, that’s two picks in the bonus pool who are unsigned, first rounder Corey Seager and second rounder Paco Rodriguez. Due to four players signing below slot and only one player signing above (rest signed for slot), the Dodgers have a surplus of $301,500 in bonus pool money right now. That allows them to go $2,251,500 on Seager ($1,950,000 slot) or $912,300 on Rodriguez ($610,000 slot) and still stay within the bonus pool restrictions. Additionally, they can go over the bonus pool limits and tack on an additional $254,937 total on those guys and not lose a draft pick.

Others who signed include 15th rounder Dalton Von Schamann, 18th rounder Eric Smith, 21st rounder Jacob Scavuzzo, 25th rounder Daniel Coulombe, and 40th rounder Patrick Stover.

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