Corey Seager taking his physical in Los Angeles, according to Salisbury Post

David Shaw of the Salisbury Post (hat tip: Craig Minami at True Blue LA) reports that 2012 first rounder Corey Seager is in Los Angeles to take his physical and presumably sign with the Dodgers.

And on Thursday, he was not in the lineup for Kannapolis against Mocksville. He was flying to the west coast.

“We knew negotiations had really stepped up between Jeff (Corey’s father) and the Dodgers and we sort of knew the Mooresville game Wednesday night would be Corey’s last one,” Kannapolis coach Joe Hubbard said. “He still helped us win one last game, and now we just wish him the best. All summer, it’s been kind of day to day, not knowing when we might lose him, and now we know. He flew out to L.A. early this morning to take his physicals. Maybe he hasn’t officially signed yet, but you know now that it’s going to get done.

And thus likely ends the story of the biggest concern of the draft class.

Now there is only one player left unsigned in the bonus pool, Paco Rodriguez.

For those counting, that’s two picks in the bonus pool who are unsigned, first rounder Corey Seager and second rounder Paco Rodriguez. Due to four players signing below slot and only one player signing above (rest signed for slot), the Dodgers have a surplus of $301,500 in bonus pool money right now. That allows them to go $2,251,500 on Seager ($1,950,000 slot) or $912,300 on Rodriguez ($610,000 slot) and still stay within the bonus pool restrictions. Additionally, they can go over the bonus pool limits and tack on an additional $254,937 total on those guys and not lose a draft pick.

The Dodgers can go up to $2,506,437 on Seager without losing a draft pick.

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