2012 MLB Draft: Dodgers Have Signed 18 Picks + Bonus Information

The Dodgers have now signed 18 of the 41 players they selected in the 2012 MLB Draft. In addition to their names, information on the amount it took to sign them has come out.

Supplemental first rounder Jesmuel Valentin signed for slot at $984,700, while fifth rounder Ross Stripling was inked for well below slot ($228,900) at $130,000. Sixth rounder Joey Curletta settled for slot money at $171,600, but ninth rounder Zachary Bird got slightly more than slot ($126,100) at $140,000. Tenth rounder Zach Babitt saved the team a ton of money by signing for $2,500 (assuming that wasn’t a typo) because his slot number was $125,000.

Seventh round selection Theo Alexander signed as well, but details on the amount haven’t been released yet. If he signed for his slot number of $144,600, the Dodgers are $207,500 in the black as far as their bonus pool is concerned, which should allow them to put money towards going over slot on Corey Seager or (especially) Onelkis Garcia.

Others who signed include 11th rounder Jeremy Rathjen, 13th rounder Darnell Sweeney, 14th rounder Matt Reckling, 19th rounder Owen Jones, 23rd rounder Lindsey Caughel, 24th rounder Paul Hoenecke, 28th rounder Jake Hermsen, 29th rounder John Cannon, 34th rounder Jordan Hershiser, 35th rounder Austin Cowen, 37th rounder John Sgromolo, and 38th rounder Corey Embree.

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