Hank Schulman Says Dodgers Fans Are The Worst In Baseball + Is Delusional

Hank Schulman went insane yesterday, translating a sequence of events and reactions from the Dodgers/Giants game in the most illogical way possible, basically so that they would fit his narrative.

Honestly, I think Schulman has lost his fucking marbles. That’s my honest assessment.


Dodgers fans didn’t boo Matt Kemp when he actually made the error on Melky Cabrera‘s single, as it was silent in the stadium, probably because they were worried that the Giants just put the tying run on.

Then Joaquin Arias singled to center and the tying run scored. Fans proceeded to boo.

Now, any reasonable person would conclude that Dodgers fans were booing the fact that their hated rival just tied the game at one in the sixth inning, but Schulman?

Oh no, my friend.

How in the flying fuck one concludes that fans were booing Kemp instead of a game-tying single is beyond me.

The hit was a clean single that landed about 15 feet short of Kemp and 5 feet to his left, meaning that either the fans were booing Kemp’s effort on a line drive single OR that the goddamn Giants just scored the game-tying run.


So just to recap, the fans didn’t boo Dee Gordon when he tried to make three errors on a single play in the previous inning, and the fans didn’t boo Kemp when he actually made the error on the play Schulman was talking about. Yet, Dodgers fans apparently decided to bust out the boo birds on Kemp because of a clean single to center that nobody on this planet would have had a shot at catching.

Oh yeah, that certainly sounds more plausible than booing the Giants.

Dodgers fans were expressing a deep-seated hatred for the Giants scoring the tying run in the sixth inning. The Dodgers and Giants, they sort of have this rivalry and stuff.

You know, kind of like how Giants fans chant “BEAT L-A” in the third inning.

Jon Weisman already handled this ridiculousness from a different angle, but I wanted to comment from my perspective as well.

Not only has Schulman convinced himself that fans were booing Kemp instead of the fact that the Giants tied the game, he actually managed to convince himself that Dodgers fans did a complete 180 on their views of Kemp within an inning of play and suddenly decided that he was the MVP.


Maybe though, just fucking maybe, Dodgers fans actually love Kemp, hence the “M-V-P!” chant (which happens all the time), and they were actually booing the Giants as a team during the previous inning because it’s the Giants they hate.


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