Ted Lilly Returning From DL: Josh Lindblom Should Stay, Jamey Wright Should Go

When Ted Lilly comes off the disabled list on Saturday, as all reports have indicated that he will, the Dodgers are going to have to make a roster decision.

The Dodgers face a tricky roster decision when Ted Lilly comes off of the disabled list to start on Saturday night.

Management kept Josh Lindblom as an eighth reliever to replace Lilly, but Lindblom has already shown his value by pitching two scoreless innings of long relief twice in the first four games of the season against San Diego.

The easy decision, of course, is to send down the guy with options and keep the veteran, but Josh Lindblom has been outstanding this year, and he was outstanding last year. Jamey Wright, on the other hand, has not been outstanding this year, and wasn’t ever outstanding before.

Lindblom figures to be at least a run better, if not two, than Wright in 2012, so if the team is serious about winning now, then they need to prove it.

The easy decision is to keep Wright, just like it was the easy decision to keep Lance Cormier. Let’s hope they make the decision that helps them win instead.

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