Loney Is A Coach’s Nightmare, Colletti Wants Ethier Back, Billingsley & Coffey Updates

Don Mattingly revealed that James Loney is a swing tinkerer.

About the last thing Dodgers manager Don Mattingly wants is Loney doing anything that will change his batting swing, which is Loney’s tendency.

For example, after going 3-for-11 during the three-game series in Milwaukee, Loney struck out in his first at-bat in Houston on Friday night and Mattingly immediately noticed a mechanical difference.

“I figured he must have taken a roll of quarters and gone to the local batting cage and somebody he knows there changed him,” Mattingly said of Loney, who grew up in Houston. “I had [hitting coach Dave Hansen] pull up that at-bat and one from Milwaukee and told James to go look at them. When he came back and said, ‘My bad,’ that’s when I knew he changed something.”

Well, this explains a lot, and it basically invalidates my analysis of his swing.

Guys who constantly tinker with their swings on their own are nightmares for coaches, because you can never get locked in to which adjustments he is or isn’t using at any given moment.

This was probably supposed to be a throwaway quote, but it’s important information to me.


Ned Colletti wants to sign Andre Ethier to an extension when new ownership rolls into town.

“You know, I’ve talked to them a little bit about it so it’s on the map already,” Colletti told SiriusXM Radio. “And when everything gets settled in and people get a chance to think about a lot of different things, that’ll be one of the topics we do bring up. I’d love to keep him here. Of course, it takes more than the organization and more than me to get it done. It takes a lot of different people and factions that have a say in it, but hopefully he can be here for a long time.

“He’s had a great start. Except for a little bit of a blip when he had a bad knee last year, he’s been a very consistent player for us and somebody who does provide some protection for Matt [Kemp]. A couple of years ago it was the other way around in the order. But he’s somebody that we count on and somebody that’s been here really his whole Major League career. He started with Oakland, but he’s been a Dodger ever since he showed up in the big leagues, and if we can keep it that way, it’s fine with me.”

I’ve already given my general feeling on the extension thing, and it seems like this is more than likely to get done if the GM is motivated.


Mattingly says Chad Billingsley‘s groin wasn’t to blame for his poor outing.

Even though Chad Billingsley was roughed up Sunday after complaining of groin discomfort his previous start, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said the groin was not the reason for Billingsley’s bad outing.

“I’m pretty sure of that,” Mattingly said. “I talked to Chad today and he felt like the biggest thing with him is that they wrapped it and I don’t know if he wasn’t comfortable with it, but he wasn’t striding as far.

Didn’t seem like he was hurt to me either, he just appeared to lose the zone in the second inning and it was all downhill from there.


Todd Coffey is coming back, which means Josh Lindblom‘s roster spot is in jeopardy once again.

Coffey said he expects to pitch in Minor League rehab games Wednesday and Friday, then be activated on Sunday, when the Dodgers will face the same roster dilemma they had on April 14, when they put Coffey on the disabled list to make room for the activation of Ted Lilly.

Lindblom is pretty obviously the 7th inning guy at this point, and the Dodgers are winning, so why screw that up in favor of a fungible veteran? We’ll find out soon.

I’ve already said what I needed to say on the subject.

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