Comment Of The Day: Everybody Laugh At Stupid People Irrationally Angry At Kenley Jansen On Twitter

If you are in this post and feel mad that I’m calling you stupid, then you can always correct that by not being stupid.


Come at me, bro.

Blowing one save is why he’ll never be anything in life.

Be sure to let him know.

All of this is still Jonathan Broxton‘s fault, because he blew saves once too … or something. Glad to know fans still scapegoat him for an inferior team losing to a superior team.

The funny thing? That was one of Jansen’s biggest breaking cutters of the night.

Maybe he should throw more four-seam fastballs, instead.

Jansen must fail for Javy Guerra to succeed. Sweet.

Speaking of Guerra, certain people couldn’t seem to understand where he was, exactly.

The weird part is that they didn’t seem to understand that Jansen wasn’t replacing Guerra, it’s just that the Dodgers would prefer Guerra’s arm not explode.

Besides, hasn’t Guerra lost all street credibility after that Snuggie giveaway commercial?

Anyway, I pointed out a bit of a trend…

…just saying.

I hope everybody realizes that one does not have to fail for the other to succeed. Also, don’t get too attached to a reliever, because they aren’t that valuable, regardless.

Thanks, management/logic.

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